at peace.

This has been one of my favorite quotes for years – I have it on a magnet, on a mug that I use to hold pencils at work, and scribbled in random notebooks…

When was the last time you felt totally and completely at peace? Sadly, its not the default state of being for most people, myself included. There’s almost always something present that will disturb our peace if we let it – anxiety, stress, to-do lists, worries about the future, money, the list goes on. I try to constantly work towards cultivating peace in my mind and body – the techniques for doing this could be the subject of another complete post.

It’s definitely an ongoing, lifelong process to maintain the kind of peace mentioned in the quote above – peace that is present in our hearts and minds no matter what’s happening externally. But sometimes, once in a while, I experience moments of perfect peace, stillness, and clarity without intentionally trying to go there. I can think of three specific times in the past year or so:

  • During my bachelorette weekend in Palm Springs, California, we had a private yoga class at our rental house. It was late afternoon, the sun was starting to get lower in the sky, and the desert air was clear, dry and warm. We moved through a strong but meditative flow on the lawn beside the pool. I remember looking beyond the house at the rocky, reddish mountains bathed in golden sunlight and feeling such an incredible sense of serenity and utter gratefulness to be experiencing that moment surrounded by my amazing girlfriends.
  • A few days before my wedding, my best friend and I were floating at the edge of an infinity pool overlooking the ocean far down below, watching surfers and seagulls, feeling the warm sun on our backs. We had the type of deep, flowing conversation – about both everything and nothing – that you can only have with someone who knows you almost better than you know yourself. I was so content and totally at peace in that moment.
  • On our honeymoon in Thailand, we spent tons of time in the water and saw plenty of gorgeous sunsets, but one particular evening topped them all. We went into the ocean as the sun was starting to go down. The waves were the perfect size, the water was the perfect temperature. We floated there together and ended up having the best conversation about our life goals, our wildest dreams, and our vision for our life together. If its possible, I fell even more in love with my new husband that night. It was absolute perfection and I could have stayed there forever.

Peace is a big concept… It takes on different meanings depending on the context – peace on earth; peace of mind; peace in relationships; peace and quiet; etc. I think its vital to find peace whenever and wherever we can. I’m so thankful for these moments of “perfect peace” that were given to me – and I’ve found that anytime I’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed, I can think back on one of these moments, visualizing myself there again, and I’m able to feel the same sensations of peace and well being.


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