books by ladies you’ll want to be friends with – part 2

I loved compiling the original list of books by ladies you’ll want to be friends with so much that I couldn’t resist creating a part 2. I kept thinking of more books that would fit into this category and it would be wrong to keep them to myself!

one: Bossypants. I’m willing to bet that most of you have read this one already – but if not, add it to the top of your list! Tina Fey is witty and hilarious, not to mention she just seems so nice! She’s definitely a female comedy legend. She shares a lot of her life and history in book, including some decidedly non-funny parts, which makes her seem all the more real and likeable. I also loved the behind-the-scenes scoop on Saturday Night Live, especially Tina’s famous role of Sarah Palin during the 2008 election. Instant classic!

two: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? Of all the women on either of these lists, I think Mindy Kaling would be my top choice to bring along on a Vegas girls weekend. I can just see her, reclining next to my bestie and I by the pool, sipping margaritas and making up life stories for the nearby hotel guests who are inexplicably swimming in diamonds and full makeup and tanning in stilettos. Her book is lighthearted, funny, and inspiring. She’s silly and girly but don’t be fooled – she’s also a total badass powerhouse business woman.

three: Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar is more on the irreverent end of the spectrum (she certainly isn’t doling out career advice or inspiring soundbites) but I thoroughly enjoyed it and laughed out loud pretty much the entire time I was reading. Kelly is a Canadian comic who built a large following on Twitter and now lives in LA working on TV shows, freelance humor writing, and more. Her book has so many hilarious stories of the outrageous mischief she got into in her younger days as well as sweet and funny stories about her three (equally hilarious) kids.

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