books by ladies you’ll want to be friends with

Call them role models, call them girl crushes, or just call them what they really are – ladies you’ll want to be friends with. I’m sure it would be fabulous to grab drinks with these women in person but we’ll have to settle for the following book picks:

one: Yes Please. I knew I’d enjoy this book because I’m an Amy Poehler fan (who isn’t??) but I didn’t expect to absolutely love it as much as I did – or to be so inspired and emotionally affected by it. Yes Please is much more than a humor book. Its a modern feminist’s manifesto; a love letter to comedy (as well as to NYC, motherhood, and girlfriends); and a motivational speech all in one. I really want everyone to read this book, if for nothing else than this key takeaway – “The doing of the thing is the thing.” (Unsure what that means? You’re going to have to read Yes Please and find out. And bonus, the chapters are divided by amazing photos of Amy in various ridiculous costumes so…)

two: You probably already have an opinion of Lena Dunham, whether you love her or hate her. I’m pretty firmly in the “she’s a voice of our generation” camp and I’ve loved watching Girls since the beginning, even though some of the scenes are obviously cringeworthy. Lena fan or not, I recommend checking out Not That Kind of Girl – A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned.” I wasn’t totally sure to what to expect but I ended up really enjoying this read. One certainty is that Lena is not afraid to share (or overshare.) The book was honest, at times awkward, usually hilarious, sometimes sad, but above all it felt real.

three: #GIRLBOSS took the world of young creatives, entrepreneurs, and dreamers by storm last spring when it came out. It’s part memoir, telling the story of how Sophia Amoruso grew a small eBay shop selling vintage items into a multi-billion dollar online shop in just a few years. But its more than that – its a guide to living the #GIRLBOSS life, aka taking control of your destiny and chasing your dreams. There were so many useful gems for use in both career and life. To paraphrase a few favorites: “success comes from knowing which rules to follow, and which to break”; “never complain and never explain”; and “know when to roll with the punches and when to throw them.” Noted!


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