changes – part 1

Changes are coming! We are moving! And its no small move – all the way from west coast to east; the reverse of a trip we made more than two and a half years ago. My husband (then my new fiance) and I moved to Seattle from Washington, DC in early 2012 and it’s been pretty great. Tough at times, but overall we’ve loved our time in this beautiful area of the country. It really is a stunning place and we feel lucky to have experienced living here. {I am planning a few posts of our favorite things about Seattle and the Pacific Northwest in general – coming soon!}

That said, no quantity of delicious food, gorgeous hikes, and beautiful views could change the fact that we miss our friends and family in the DC area and in Minnesota so much. We managed to visit both places quite a bit, had some visitors, and even met up with friends and family for mini vacations in different locations when we could. But we still missed out on so many events and milestones at home, which was really tough. Add to that some career considerations and an evaluation of our long term plans and dreams… and we made the decision to move back to DC! We officially leave Seattle near the end of September.


Overall we are thrilled! We are beyond excited for family time, seeing our friends more often than every few months, going on double and triple dates, weekends in NYC (ok, that’s just me, since Serkan could never visit New York again and be fine with it…), the ability to go on more frequent trips to Minnesota, babysitting our niece and nephews, etc. I know without a doubt it is the right choice for us, and there is so much excitement and goodness to come.

But of course there are hard parts to leaving to a place where we’ve been through so much and grown stronger than ever in our relationship, and there are certainly things foods and people that we will be so sad to leave behind here on the West Coast. Furthermore, even positive change is really HARD. In a lot of ways, I’m a routine oriented, fairly type A person – so the inevitable craziness that such a big change causes makes me feel off balance and unsettled. I know that for the foreseeable future things are not going to feel as settled as I’d like. Lets just say it’s a great opportunity to practice living in uncertainty and embracing a little bit of chaos! Its definitely an ongoing growth process. More to come soon on our plans, along with some Seattle features!



photo credit: photos by jenna leigh

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