changes – part 2

As I wrote the previous post about our upcoming move from Seattle back to the DC area, I started reflecting on all of the ways I’ve changed and grown during our time here. Its hard to believe that nearly three years have passed! But there are definitely some differences (some silly, some serious) between me then and me now…

– I own a pair of shoes with laces! It’s true, I didn’t have a single pair of athletic shoes when we moved here… I think I had a pair of old running shoes that I used to wear for the gym or half-hearted jogs, but one of our cats ruined them and I never felt the need to replace them. But when one of our new Seattle friends took me on my first hike (in years…) I went in stretchy “ballet sneakers” and they nearly got me laughed off the rocky trail. So I bit the bullet and bought a pair of brightly colored, lightweight New Balances that are (semi)suitable for hikes, spinning, running (which they have yet to experience unless I’m late for yoga), and power walks around our neighborhood. I love them! The original pair actually got stolen from our car and I repurchased the exact same pair. It’s probably time to diversify, but they’ve served me well and I can’t bear to toss them yet.

– I own a rain jacket! I know, I know – I moved to Seattle and didn’t bring a rain coat. I figured I’d buy one as soon as we got here but I think it took about 6 months until I did. In the meantime I used an umbrella, which it turns out is a very un-Seattlite thing to do… Lesson learned.

– I learned to love craft beer! Just kidding, I still don’t like beer. Wine or a spicy margarita for me, please.

– I’m a wife! We were engaged for over 2 years, almost the entire time we lived here. It’s pretty fun to call Serkan my husband now, officially. I can’t speak for him, but I love being married. (I think he does too, though :)) I didn’t change my name yet, but I will when we get settled back out east and have to update a million accounts and documents anyways.

– I consider myself a yogi! Not a great one, but a dedicated one, and a grateful one. I have noticed such a huge shift in my mindset and ability to deal with LIFE thanks to the consistent yoga practice i’ve gotten into in Seattle. (Arrgh I’m going to miss my current studio so much…)

– I have fake boobs! What?? It’s true, and I figure there’s no reason to avoid talking about it. I had a double mastectomy two years ago so these gals aren’t the same ones I came out west with. When I think about it like that, it puts a pretty funny spin on situation.

– I found out the true meaning of family, friendship, and love. I know that sounds too deep to sum up into one little sentence, but its true. Over the past few years, some pretty serious shit has gone down – and throughout all of it we were positively surrounded by love and support, both near and far. For that we are beyond grateful. Family, friends, and love, people – that’s what matters!

And now excuse me while we finish packing and begin the cross country drive with three cats – something we swore we’d never do again…


photo: photographs by jenna leigh


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  1. Beautifully stated Joyce! Thanks for sharing your journey over these past few years from the East Coast to Seattle and now back again to DC. I was hoping to have had the opportunity to visit you in Seattle while you were living there since Seattle is my birthplace but I’ve enjoyed all of you have shared on FB over these past years and so happy for all the good times and good people you have met while you were there. Thankful also for all the good care you received while you were going through your health issues and the good results you now enjoy. We look forward to seeing you both in DC this Fall when we travel to NY for Thanksgiving week. We are taking a side trip to the east coast prior to NY so I’ll check in with you about dates later on. Love and good wishes to you both from both of us, Jackie & Brad

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