A few lessons I’ve learned in work and in life:

Be nice to everyone. Seriously, everyone. The cashier. The taxi driver. Your colleagues (for goodness sakes, especially the facilities and IT people; they can make your life much easier – or much harder…) The CEO and the janitor. Your neighbors. Even people who aren’t very nice to you. (Actually, especially people who aren’t very nice to you.) Everyone. People WILL notice.

Don’t burn bridges. You never know when your paths will cross again.

Whatever is going on in your life, it could probably be worse. And for someone out there, it probably is. This doesn’t mean to minimize what you’re going through – just that a little perspective can do wonders.

No college student (or anyone, really) needs more than 1 or 2 credit cards (unless you’re one of those people who works the system to earn millions of points, allowing you to fly business class for free, everywhere, all the time… in which case, please teach me your ways.) Do not spend money that you don’t have on makeup, shoes and clothes from Target. You’ll regret it.

That said, I have never regretted a single penny that I spent traveling. See the world – as much of it as you can possibly manage. 

Surround yourself with the right people. The ones who make laugh until you cry, who make you feel beautiful, who make you dream big, who push you out of your comfort zone, who aren’t afraid to tell you when you need to chill out. The ones who know your heart.



photo: jonas seaman

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  1. I completely agree with all of these! It’s amazing what happens when you broaden your perspective. Although it can be so hard to retain the perspective when life is throwing you curve balls.

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