practice makes perfect

I’m not a great yogi. I’m barely a good yogi. But the reason I go to yoga isn’t to do perfect handstands and fancy postures. Sure, I’d love to be able to do inversions. (Someday!!) My overall form could be better. My thoughts sometimes wander and I spend a lot of energy during class just trying to stay present… But none of those things are enough to keep me away. I’ve gravitated towards yoga strongly in the past year or so, and it feeds my body and mind in so many ways. Besides, as one of my favorite teachers says, there’s a reason they call it yoga “practice” – the point isn’t to be perfect, but to keep showing up and working on it.

I love yoga for the workout and the spiritual benefits equally – to me, its the perfect combination of strengthening my body, mind, and heart all at once… There are days when I go in feeling much stronger than other days, mentally and/or physically, but either way by the end of class I inevitably feel better than I did at the beginning. There have been days I had to fight back tears multiple times throughout class, there have been days when I felt super balanced and I felt great about every pose, and there have been plenty of days when I felt like my head just wasn’t in it. I think its the “trying not to cry” days that reveal to me the very most that yoga has to offer – the energy in the room just does something to my heart, and I feel better and stronger just by being there.

{Side note: I practice heated vinyasa flow yoga (and cycling) at Live Love Flow in Seattle, which I absolutely love. I’ve tried a few other hot yoga studios in the area and they were fine, but I didn’t feel a connection with them the way I do with my current studio. The teachers are phenomenal and in my opinion, a great teacher is absolutely key to a good yoga experience. If you don’t connect with a yoga teacher after a few classes, it is worth trying someone new. My favorite teachers are all different from one another but each brings a beautiful, unique energy to the class.}


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