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Let’s talk music!! I definitely don’t consider myself a music aficionado. Far from it. But I do love music and my taste encompasses a wide (random) variety, as my Spotify playlists reveal. {Are you using Spotify yet?? If not – go sign up right now! Its life changing. And if you want, follow me and you’ll see the full extent of my random musical leanings.}

Everyone has that friend who’s always three steps ahead on discovering new music – mine is Mary. (Follow her on Spotify too!) I swear, every single time I start obsessing over a new song discovered on one of Mary’s playlists, within a few months that artist is seemingly everywhere.

Currently loving:

Taylor Swift’s new album – especially Out of the Woods. Not even a little bit country.

Speaking of Taylor… listen to this cover of Vance Joy’s Riptide. Taylor forever! {Also, all of her music was just removed from Spotify… but I’ll forgive her and probably purchase every album on iTunes which I suppose is the goal. Well played, T Swift…}

Fleetwood Mac… always and forever. I missed their recent show here in DC but luckily they’ll be here again in January and I’ll be doing everything I can to get there.

Sam Smith singing Whitney Houston. I’ve probably linked to this before but… ugh. Still breathtaking.

Sam Smith + Mary J. Blige: I think I’ve mentioned this one before too, but its so dang good. (I’m going to see Sam Smith in January and oh my goodness I’m counting the days!)



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