the importance of everyday gurus

Friends are essential. This isn’t news to most of us – we all know we need at least a few close friends to confide in, lean on, laugh with, cry with, etc etc etc.

But beyond that, its important to have friends who can serve as “gurus” in different areas of your life. These are the friends who provide you with essential knowledge about life matters, both trivial and important. All of our friends (hopefully) help us learn and grow in different ways – but I’m talking about that handful of friends who just KNOW things… We should take the time to recognize and be grateful for these gurus for their expertise. For example:

My TV guru is definitely my best friend Maya. How she manages to watch the volume of shows that she does while working full time, getting her PhD, buying/decorating/renovating a house, and having a social life is beyond me – but I’m glad she does. Because I never have to think about what show to binge watch next. I have at least 4 years worth of quality programming in the lineup thanks to her recommendations.

Along these lines, Maya is also my 80’s movie guru. Now that we live in the same zip code (!!!!!!) we’re methodically working through all of the essential cult classic 80’s teen movies from A – Z. Even though she’s seen them all already – she saw a clear gap in my cultural education and took it upon herself to fix it. (Now that’s the definition of a true friend.)

As mentioned previously, my musical guru is Mary. She is way cooler than I’ll ever be and all it takes is a quick glance at her Spotify for me to discover some new favorite songs or artists.

For the best hiking recommendations when we were still in Seattle (I’ll be missing those Pacific Northwest hikes come spring…) I wouldn’t reach out to anyone but our close friends and outdoor aficionados, Amy and Matt.

My husband is my guru when it comes to hair, believe it or not. His family is in the salon business and he’s a stylist. At least once a week I ask him if I should get bangs again (his answer – yes) and if I could pull off platinum blond, just to try it once (his repeated answer – no) or if I should try this product or that one.

If I’m in need of creative inspiration, I can always turn to one of my oldest friends, Abby, the freakishly creative co-owner of the world’s most charming flower and gift shop or the multi-talented artist and photographer Jenna Kutcher.

In turn, I hope that I serve as a guru to my friends – maybe for book recommendations or restaurants (and bakeries)? My “must eat” list is long and growing, and exists for cities I haven’t even been to yet… And I really love spreading the word about books I’ve read and love.

Do you have some gurus in your life? What do they teach you? Don’t forget to thank them from time to time for their essential knowledge!



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