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It’s been longer than planned since I last updated beautiful + co… The past six weeks have been pretty nuts. At the end of September I wrapped up a big event at work in Seattle, and then the real craziness began… We sold, donated and packed all of our belongings, drove across the country in four days towing a U-haul trailer (plus three cats…)and moved into my husband’s parents house (where there are now eight cats and a dog), I officially changed my name, we bought a new car, I visited a friend in NYC (love that city so much) and we’ve managed to spend lots of time with the friends and family we’re so thrilled to be near. My husband is working really really hard at his new business, which means we don’t have as much time together as we’d like, but we’re managing. Its been crazy but we’re feeling pretty settled in now, and couldn’t be happier to be back!

Here are some iPhone pictures from the road trip. As long and stressful as it was (never again do I want to go 3000 miles with a Uhaul…) I have to admit that we saw so much beauty along the way! America really is a breathtaking country. (Also newly added to my list of life goals is to own a ranch in Montana… GORGEOUS)

I sort of thought I would miss Seattle more right away… because the weather is so perfect there this time of year and the city is so beautiful (not to mention the surrounding area). Plus we did so may gorgeous hikes this summer, which I was pretty sad to leave behind. As ecstatic as I was to be coming back home to DC, I expected to feel a little more sadness when we left Seattle. Of course, I miss the friends that we left behind (and I realllllllly miss my yoga studio and teachers and also almond croissants from Bakery Nouveau) and I’m sure I’ll feel more nostalgic for the city in the future. It will always be a special place to us, but I know 100000% that we made the right choice!

And because I love a good list… here are the top things I want to do/see/accomplish before the end of the year…

Go to a few museums I haven’t been to in a while

Host a Turkish-American brunch

Go to NYC one more time with my hubs

Make homemade kombucha

Eat at a few old favorites (brunch here; fancy dinner here; casual dinner here) and try some new places (especially Rose’s Luxury and Le Diplomate)


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