words to live by | no. 4

So, this is actually a repeat of “Words to Live By – No. 2” but I wanted to talk more about WHY I love this passage so much. Again, its from the excellent Dr. Lissa Rankin

You resist change, and yet change is inevitable. How do you expect to be happy when you’re always resisting what is? Why can’t you just be with what is?

Accept what is happening right now. Accept what happened in the past. Accept that you can’t predict or control the future. Accept this moment and pay no attention to any other moment other than RIGHT NOW.

In this moment, you will find peace.

When I read this for the first time, it was sort of a lightbulb moment. “In this moment, you will find peace.” Part of my brain said“Oh. It’s that easy. Of course. Why didn’t that occur to me before?” and another part of my brain was all like “Are you kidding me? That is some Bullshit. It doesn’t work that way. My brain doesn’t work that way. How am I supposed to find peace in this moment when can’t stop thinking about all the moments that might happen next and the ones that already happened?!?”

But then I read it again and realized that by finding peace in this moment, YOU WILL HAVE PEACE. And therefore, you will have peace in this moment. And so on. Its like a self fulfilling prophecy. Does this make sense?

Right now, this very second, its ok. I’m ok. Things will change, always. It’s going to get worse, its going to get better. There is very little, in the whole scheme of things, that we can control – regardless of our illusions to the contrary. This is called reality – life – being a human. So for me, trying to accept this moment and remembering the simple mantra “In this moment, you will find peace” is absolutely key to living a fulfilled, peaceful, meaningful, contented life.


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